Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching up somewhat........

Boy have I been slacking here lately!!! I have had these done for a while now and just got them starched yesterday and now uploaded to my blog today. Haven't been in a mood to do anything here lately. I think the economy has a lot to do with that. We don't have any money to pay our bills, buy groceries or much of anything else. So the last few days I have decided to kick my tail in gear and get some of the stuff I have done listed and see if it will sell. I will list on artfire first and then maybe etsy. I don't know about etsy anymore. They are expensive to list and sell on. Ebay is worse but I need something that is free or pretty dang near free to list my stuff on and hopefully get a few sales.

All of the doilies you see below are going to be listed on artfire today and the next few days. I blocked them out and then lightly sprayed them with starch. The are firm but bendable too. Any or all of these would look great by themselves or with some kind of vase or knick-knack sitting on it. You could dress up your dresser, coffee table, or hutch with these small doilies.

This one measures 6 1/4 inches wide. This one is an "oops". I messed up on one of the points. :(

This one is 5 3/4 inches across. This one is an "oops". I messed up on one of the points. :(

This is 4 3/4 inches across.

This is 4 1/4 inches across.

This is 6 1/4 inches across.

Measures 5 1/2 inches across from point to point.

Each measures 4 inches across.

Each measures 4 inches across.

This one is 6 3/4 inches across.

Couldn't you picture these hanging from a window sill with a piece of pretty ribbon, or maybe used as snowflakes on your Christmas tree this year? Ooooo that would be pretty!!!!

Come visit my store at

Hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Do you get the Sunday paper and just throw away the coupons? Well, I have a way to send them to military families over seas. They can use expired coupons even!!! Help the families that help us. If you are interested you can send your coupons to me and then I will send the on to the right people. Contact me and let me know that you are willing to help.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stressed beyond measure!

I just got done this morning doing the check book and paying bills.......Holy Cow am I stressed now.

Dh's paychecks are no longer paying the bills. We have had to use credit cards to pay for groceries, gas, and other things that we have needed. We have totally stopped eating out(except at one restaurant where our family of 4 can eat for less than $20, and ohhhh mannnn, is the food good!!).

We have cut down on everything else. I have started making a menu and only getting the groceries that we need for the menu, NO extras. I am learning how to use coupons and sales flyers. Dh tried calling our tv satellite company and they refused to let us go down to a lower package. The man on the phone told my husband to either pay the bill as it is or go find another company. So it is either pay our bill or turn it off and only have the 3 basic channels(ABC,CBS,NBC).

I have decided to start going thru some of my stuff and seeing what I could possibly sell. I have beads from when I was making jewelry, stamps from when I made greeting cards, and ribbons from when I made hairbows. There could be more I don't know, I will just go thru things and see what I come up with. As I get them ready I will be putting photos up somewhere.... photobucket, flickr, or maybe list them here. I don't know yet. But when I do get things together then I will let ya'll know!

If things don't start looking up for us then we will have to file bankruptcy and I totally don't want to do that.

I know that God says Give it all to me and I will provide...... That is so hard, when you need something right now. I have been praying for things to get better but they only seem to be getting worse.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Go to this website.....

and enter to win FREE CHOCOLATE every Friday. Make sure to read the terms and conditions.

I can't wait!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things are getting rough......

Friday seals our fate. Friday is when DH will know if he has a job or not. Friday decides if we will make it or not. We are barely making it as is now. Literally when we pay all bills, and I make a menu and we go grocery shopping that is it. No left over money to go get a coke even at sonic. It is time to start looking at what we can do without. We are beginning to use our credit cards more and more all the time. I hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did that once before and just about didn't get out of it all.

I have lost all motivation to do anything at all. I am in a rut of not wanting to do anything. All I want to do is sit infront of this stupid computer!!!!! I need to find me something to make money while on the net. I just am too scared to try some of the "legit" sounding offers out there. I have been burned before and don't want anymore blisters.

I just don't know what to do. I have/will pray about Friday. I am hoping that he still gets to keep his job. It will or already has come to the point to where I am going to have to go find an evening job as it is.

Well, better get to bed.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I feel the need.......

to blog......about what I don't know. I just feel the need to type, tell something, nothing really but just to do it.

Life here lately has consisted of alot of sick people. MIL is not regulated out on her meds for fibromyalgia so she is a wreck and you never know what mood or which side of her you will be talking to when you talk to her. So that has been a real challenge. The girls and me and now DH have all had really bad head colds. My oldest started it, bringing it home from school and then her sister, then me, then DH. Finally took DH to doc today. He had so much sinus pressure over his left eye that he couldn't open his eye because it hurt to move those muscles and it was extremely sore to the touch. Got him all doctored up with 2 shots in the behind and now is feeling better. LOL

Stress is about to eat me and DH up. He doesn't know from one day, much less one week to the other if he is going to have a job or not. So he has been grumpy and not very socialable here lately. the girls are suffering the most because they aren't old enough to understand why daddy is in such a bad mood. So I had to explain to DH that they don't understand and he has been better about not being so grumpy around them.

I have been crocheting off and on. I have a few pieces done just need to get them blocked out and listed on my sites. I have run out of yarn for the baby blanket I am making and can't find anymore of it at wally world so I am going to have to go to hobby lobby to find it. It will be more expensive but worth it when the new mommy gets it for her new baby boy!!

Well, better get off. DH just told me that the sound of me typing on the keys is driving him crazy. The computer is in the bedroom so I guess I will type more later.