Friday, May 8, 2009

Stressed beyond measure!

I just got done this morning doing the check book and paying bills.......Holy Cow am I stressed now.

Dh's paychecks are no longer paying the bills. We have had to use credit cards to pay for groceries, gas, and other things that we have needed. We have totally stopped eating out(except at one restaurant where our family of 4 can eat for less than $20, and ohhhh mannnn, is the food good!!).

We have cut down on everything else. I have started making a menu and only getting the groceries that we need for the menu, NO extras. I am learning how to use coupons and sales flyers. Dh tried calling our tv satellite company and they refused to let us go down to a lower package. The man on the phone told my husband to either pay the bill as it is or go find another company. So it is either pay our bill or turn it off and only have the 3 basic channels(ABC,CBS,NBC).

I have decided to start going thru some of my stuff and seeing what I could possibly sell. I have beads from when I was making jewelry, stamps from when I made greeting cards, and ribbons from when I made hairbows. There could be more I don't know, I will just go thru things and see what I come up with. As I get them ready I will be putting photos up somewhere.... photobucket, flickr, or maybe list them here. I don't know yet. But when I do get things together then I will let ya'll know!

If things don't start looking up for us then we will have to file bankruptcy and I totally don't want to do that.

I know that God says Give it all to me and I will provide...... That is so hard, when you need something right now. I have been praying for things to get better but they only seem to be getting worse.

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