Saturday, May 2, 2009

I feel the need.......

to blog......about what I don't know. I just feel the need to type, tell something, nothing really but just to do it.

Life here lately has consisted of alot of sick people. MIL is not regulated out on her meds for fibromyalgia so she is a wreck and you never know what mood or which side of her you will be talking to when you talk to her. So that has been a real challenge. The girls and me and now DH have all had really bad head colds. My oldest started it, bringing it home from school and then her sister, then me, then DH. Finally took DH to doc today. He had so much sinus pressure over his left eye that he couldn't open his eye because it hurt to move those muscles and it was extremely sore to the touch. Got him all doctored up with 2 shots in the behind and now is feeling better. LOL

Stress is about to eat me and DH up. He doesn't know from one day, much less one week to the other if he is going to have a job or not. So he has been grumpy and not very socialable here lately. the girls are suffering the most because they aren't old enough to understand why daddy is in such a bad mood. So I had to explain to DH that they don't understand and he has been better about not being so grumpy around them.

I have been crocheting off and on. I have a few pieces done just need to get them blocked out and listed on my sites. I have run out of yarn for the baby blanket I am making and can't find anymore of it at wally world so I am going to have to go to hobby lobby to find it. It will be more expensive but worth it when the new mommy gets it for her new baby boy!!

Well, better get off. DH just told me that the sound of me typing on the keys is driving him crazy. The computer is in the bedroom so I guess I will type more later.

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