Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello my name is Life of a Stay at home mom!! LOL Well, I thought I just might re-introduce myself since it has been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened since I last posted....... The kids have started school, I have started an ETSY shop again, we have gotten a new puppy(one of our other dogs passed away in Dec).

My kids are now 2nd grade and kindergarten!! Holy cow can't believe it!! Where did my babies go?????? They are doing great and are excelling at everything. My 2nd grader is reading at a 4 grade level and my kindergartener is above all the others in her class too. I am so proud of my babies!!!!

I decided to go ahead and open an ETSY shop and try to sell some of my crocheted stuff that I do. I am working on some blankets and crosses at the moment and am practicing on a hat pattern. My only problem now is that I need to buy more yarn and crochet thread to do what I want to do. LOL Can you say shopping trip?!?! Oh wait......... you have to have money for that right?! Well, crap!! Gonna have to wait until hubby gets paid again. LOL =)

One of our dogs passed away last December. We really don't know from what but I kinda think it was the vets fault. She miss diagnosed Sassy. =( The loss of Sassy devastated all of us. It really hit my 5 yr old hard. She was closest to Sassy and would lay and nap with her on the floor and watch tv together. But now we have Ashley!!! She is so much fun! She is a dachshund and is about 7 months old. We have only had her for about a month and a half. She is black and tan and is so playful, ornery, and sweet at the same time. LOL

Well, I think I will sign off for now and will try to keep this updated more often!!

Until next time!!!