Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally put up our Christmas tree!

I went and dug out our small selection of Christmas decorations. I had been waiting on my DH to do it but he never did so I decided that I would. We won't be home for Christmas this year so he thinks that we don't need to decorate that much. We will be going to my parents house. I wanted to atleast put up our tree for the girls and they loved decorating it. LOL
The finished product.......

My youngest's decorating.

My oldest's decorating skills.

Most everything is put in clusters and on the silver beaded string on the tree. My youngest refused to put ornaments on the tree branch. Don't know why, just refused. I thought about redoing it after they went to bed, but then thought that that is the way they want to do it so I left it. It is special to me and them. This is the first Christmas that both of them are really understanding what it is about.

I hope that everyone has a great holiday no matter what you celebrate!!!!!

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You are ahead of me!!