Sunday, December 14, 2008


Man oh man is it cold here!!!!! At 3:30 this afternoon it was 80 degrees and in 30 minutes it dropped to 49 degrees. The wind hit and it changed so super fast. I could literally sit and watch our little weather atomic clock change the temp just about every second. It has temp gauge that measures to the point degrees like 39.8 degreees. As I sit here and type I am shivering at thinking how cold it is and will be in the morning when my girl gets on the school bus. BBRRRR!!!!

We will be bundling up good in the morning. The weather guy also said that there could be a chance for ice and freezing rain late monday nite and early tues morning. Great!!! NOT!!!!

Well, I am off to cuddle on the couch and to watch a good movie with my DH.

Stay warm!!!

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