Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good times!!

This past week we had company!!!!! LOL My parents came from Colorado to visit for a few days. The girls were so excited to have Grama and Grampa come and see them. We did all the fun stuff like shopping, eating and just having fun. It rained on Saturday pretty much all day long. But, that didn't stop us girls from doing our thang!!!!!! Grama spoiled the kids and bought me a few things too.

We went to a local town that has some pretty awesome scenery. The kids had fun feeding the geese.

The cool bridge!! The girls were too scared to go over it so we didn't. =S

My oldest daughter didn't like standing that close to the water.

Mom and dad being cheesy!! =D

Kids being cheesy with grama and grapa!!

We all had a wonderful time with Grama and Grapa and can't wait for them to come back!!! We will probably go see them sometime this summer though too.

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