Friday, May 14, 2010

Rainy dreary day.....

Well, today is one of those days. The weather is crappy, rainy, dreary, cool and I don't want to do a thing. Blah!!! I don't know what has gotten into me hear lately. I just don't even want to get out of bed. I get mad at myself when I look around my house and see the mess that I have let it become. I get mad at myself when I go to weigh and find out that I haven't lost anything, mainly because I can't find the motivation to get up off my tush and do something about it. UGH!!!!

I am so tired of not having any motivation to do anything. I need to clean house. I do what absolutely needs done and that is it. I need to lose weight but can't get off the computer. I have an addiction to Facebook.

But I am going to gradually try to change my attitude and get something done each day and start routines for each day. I have so much that needs to be done so I am going to make me a list and just check them off as I get them done.

I have also thought about blogging more often and seeing if that helps too. I will try to have a theme for each day of the week. Like Monday could be handmade monday, tuesday could be tip tuesday, wednesday recipe wedensday, and so on. What do you think?

I have been working on some crocheted blankets. I have actually had 2 people want me to make some blankets for them. One has decided that they don't like the material that they told me I had free reign to pick out. But the other one has let me pick out any pink material that I like in flannel. YAY!!! I can't wait to get to town to pick out some and get started.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are probably going to be spending the weekend inside because it is supposed to rain all weekend. =( But we will make the best of it too!! =)

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