Friday, July 10, 2009

The girls had VBS a few weeks ago

During the week of June 29 the kids had their Vacation Bible School at church. They absolutely loved it!!! I volunteered as a helper and got to help with my kids class. Boy howdy!!! That was a handful!! We averaged about 16 kids, all 5 yrs old or younger, all week long. I very good lesson I learned that when you get that many together, there is no telling what is going to be said. LOL I got a kick out of just listening to the kids talk to each other and to me and their teacher. Of course they loved to talk about the stories of Jesus and what all "magic" Jesus could do. Like walk on water and not sink like a rock(as told by a 4 yr old). Then he was able to wave his Magic wand over the food and feed 5,000 people out of just a couple loaves of bread and fish.

The theme for VBS was Boomerang Express, It all comes back to Jesus!! They had all Australian things hanging on the wall, and posters about Austrailia. The kids all learned a few songs and the motions to the songs. I wish now I would have took my video camera and taped them. They all did so good and the songs were wonderful. Then after the program there was live Australian animals outside!!!!!

The kids singing their songs at the program.

My youngest eating watermelon(which she doesn't like). My oldest drinking her drink so fast that she got choked. They were so excited about the animals being outside that they just wolfed down their food(whether they like it or not! LOL).

A hedge hog

The snake. That thing had red eyes and it makes me shiver everytime I see the pic!!

The lemur. He was just a baby and he was so cute!

The snake again(shiver!!!!!!!) Oh yeah, and my oldest touched it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The giant turtle. The preacher had told them that they could ride the turtle so that is all my kids talked about all week long. But then when it came there turn,,,,,, they chickened out!!!!!!

The baby kangaroo!! He was inside a pouch and was loving everyone touching and petting him. The lady that was holding him told the crowd that when they are born they are no larger than a bumble bee and have NO hind legs!!!! I didn't know that!

The girls were pooped when they got home. So was I.
But it was so much fun!!!
My oldest came home and said to me "Isn't God awesome!! He can make all kinds of things like those animals and us!!!!" Bless her heart! I about cried when she told me that.

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