Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thinking about a lot of things......

Here lately alot has been on my mind. The economy, my family, my DH, his job, how we are going to buy groceries with money we don't have. DH's hours have been cut to no more than 40hrs/wk but no less than 32hrs/wk so that he doesn't lose his benefits. I would really like to start selling my crocheted doilies and actually make money at it.

My mom and dad and possibly my sister are coming to visit this weekend. I am excited for them to come. I haven't seen them since Christmas.

I am hoping to start up a new store in a few weeks to a month. I will be selling my doilies that I have been making. I just need a name for my shop. I am thinking really hard about this and can't come up with any catchy name. I have a few but not really keen on them. Anyone have any suggestions???

Another thing I was thinking about doing is changing my blog name and possibly the address too. I will let you all know what I decide. I am hoping that I can change both and not lose those of you that are following me.

Until next time,

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