Friday, March 27, 2009

Taxes done but MIL saga continues

Well, we got our taxes done. We are getting some back but not as much as we were expecting. I guess it could be worse, we could be paying in. Just glad they are done.

MIL dog is still not doing good at all. MIL is in denial that the dog is beyond help. Vet says that the dog won't eat and isn't using the bathroom. He told MIL that the dog is in kidney failure and there is nothing more he can do for the dog. But MIL won't give up and just let the dog go. She has convinced herself that the dog only has a bad kidney infection and wants the vet to keep trying to make her better. I can understand about not wanting to let go. The dog is over 14yrs old and has a bad back, congestive heart failure, bad back legs, and hardly any teeth left. This dog has been her companion thru thick and thin. It is all she has left in this life(so she says). Like she doesn't have a son, DIL, and 2 granddaughters to live for. She has run everyone else off by being mean, lying, and causing problems between family members.

well DH will be home soon and I haven't gotten anything out for supper tonite. I am in a funk when it comes to cooking. I hate having the same ol' same ol' all the time. Time to get out the cook books and start looking.

until later!!!!

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