Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last 2 days haven't been good......

Problems with MIL and doing taxes.......ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!

Mix in kids that constantly are fighting, picking and bugging each other, and I am trying to come up with a name for my new shop and get things going with it.

I looked up the name Fanciful Things and someone already has it, but doesn't have anything listed. They set up shop in 2008 and doesn't look like they have done anything with it. This hit me wrong yesterday, I wanted to scream.....I REALLY like the name Fanciful Things. Now I am thinking of a few other names.....
Fanciful Crochet (which won't work if I ever want to add things that aren't crocheted)
Fanciful Goods (ehh, is okay i guess)
Fanciful Creations (liking this one more and more)

I like the name Fanciful but I don't know what to put with it. UUGGGHHH!!!!!

Someone help me!!!!!! LOL

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