Monday, February 16, 2009

So it has been a while since I last posted. not much going on around here that ya'll would want to know about. MIL is being a B!#$%. She has now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She is living by herself and is attaching herself to my DH like he is her DH. Drives me crazy. She gets mad at him if he doesn't come see her just as soon as he comes home. All she does when anyone talks to her is talk bad about someone else. She is as two faced as she has ever been but here lately it is getting really bad.

Anyway, How was everyones valentines day? mine was good. Friday nite DH come home with a dozen yellow roses, 2 bags of M&M's(plain and peanut), a bag of candy for the kids and a teddy bear for each of the kids. Isn't he sweet? Saturday nite I fixed him his favorite supper...... Chicken fried steak, mashed tators, gravy, corn, and a salad. He and I loved it but the girls only liked the mashed tators and gravy and the salad. They did eat a little of their meat but only after I told them no candy until they ate atleast some of their meat. LOL

I am pms'ing so bad right now that I could snap off someones head if they do the wrong thing. Okay maybe not that bad but I am not in a good mood right now. I want to sew but I know that if I get out my sewing stuff I would probably end up throwing machine and all in the trash because I don't have the patience right now to handle any mess ups. So today sounds like a good day to be lazy and not do anything.

tata for now!!!

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