Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Poem I Got At Church Today.......

Christian New Year's Resolutions

How can I us the New Year
to better serve my Lord?
I'll read my Bible every day,
and be more in accord.

I'll find more ways to serve others;
I'll love my neighbor, too.
I'll focus on "give" instead of "get"
in everything I do.

I'll forgive the people I'm mad at,
angry feelings I'll discard.
I'll try to love my enemies,
even though it's hard.

In the new year, I'll lift people up,
instead of putting them down.
I'll fill my heart with love and joy,
and never wear a frown.

I'll let go of y worries,
I'll put it all in His hands.
I'll repent and try to sin less,
and obey all His commands.

These new year's resolutions
are difficult, at best,
but there's something I can do each day
that will put my soul at rest.

I'll love my Lord with all my heart,
with all my mind and soul,
and if I do that essential thing,
all the rest will be in control.

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