Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girls and their do's

The girls have been begging for a "fancy do" for church so I finally dug around on some of my favorite hair blogs and found how to do the rag curls. Well the oldest has really thick hair and I couldn't get it to do it no matter how little or big of a section I took. So I resorted to braiding her hair. I didn't think she was going to like it but she was so proud and happy that she had wavy hair.
I braided hers right after taking a shower and then she slept on them and I took them out the next morning for church.

She got so many compliments on how pretty she looked. I think she was literally floating on air!!!

The little one was so excited she was going to have curly hair. LOL she didn't want to sleep in them she wanted to take them out right then to see the curl. She liked that her hair was wiggly with the rags in it.

I was totally not expecting to see this the next morning. I knew it would be curly but not KINKY! Holy cow!!!!

She loved having curly hair. She kept touching it and saying she was "curry Shurry" (curly shirley). She pranced all day long because of her "bouncies".

Next time I do this it will be the foam curlers. I had my hands cramping so bad after this that they were sore the next day. I will curl their hair more often because they just glowed when they seen themselves in the mirror after I got done.

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