Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey Day!!!

I went to town and bought a turkey today... A 21lb turkey to be exact. BIG TURKEY!!! He barely fits on the bottom shelf of my fridge. I got chosen to cook the turkey this year. My DH's uncle is cooking the ham and most of the sides. So yeah, we will have plenty of meat for our Thanksgiving. There will only be about 20-22 people there but we will have a feast for a crowd of about 50. That is how DH's family does things. They are big eaters and it shows on all of them. Including me. It has taken me about 9 yrs to realize that most people don't eat that much food at one sit down meal. They do everyday meals big too. I have gained about 80 lbs since I married my DH a little over 10 yrs ago. Just in the last 6-9 months have I started to par down my eating habits. Honestly I am not a eat-when-i-get-bored or an emotional eater. I eat 3 meals a day but then for the rest of the time I sit on my tush infront of this computer or am watching tv while making hairbows. Yes I do get up and take care of my kids and cook meals and clean a little bit. I am working on getting up and doing more.

When I first started cutting down the amount of food I fixed for a meal, DH threw a fit. He thought that if there wasn't left-overs, then there wasn't enough. But it has taken me a little bit to get the exact amount of meat needed for each meal and not have too much left overs or to not have enough. I am fixing more sides and not just a meat for supper. I have cut WAY back on boxed meals. I have started to cook more from scratch and some meals are a flop and some are great.

We are by no means turning into health nuts but we are eating somewhat healthier.

Before I forget, take another look at the black friday sale going on this next weekend. I posted a list of CM ers that are doing the sales for that weekend.

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Freckles Galore said...

You are always so sweet to leave a comment on my blogs so I though that I would do the same for you. It is so nice of you to post everyones black friday sales. good luck with yours!!! Happy Thanksgiving!